School Roundup

By ShanghaiFamily 2019-01-09 17:47:16

Dulwich Music for Life!

On November 10, students at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong hosted a full house and raised 31,955 RMB to fund medical costs for Shanghai Baby Home. Support from staff, parents, the student body, and student musicians helped them to achieve their goal. Music for Life’s simple goal is to change lives for the better through music.

SUIS Pudong Visits Chengdu Pandas

Secondary students from SUIS Pudong went to Chengdu to learn about Science and Chinese culture. As a bonus, they got to experience the beauty and the fantastic food of the region. Even though Chengdu is one of the capitals of the Shu Kingdom, it is much more relaxed than Shanghai, providing a nice reprieve from Shanghai city life. One of the main reasons the students chose Chengdu was to work with the pandas. Pandas are currently under huge threat due to the destruction of their environment and because they are easy targets for predators. It is thought that if there were no humans looking after them, they would be extinct. The students thought that Chengdu was incredible and had an amazing time visiting the city, learning about its history, and most of all, having the chance to see the pandas.


During their time at SCIS, students learn to embrace and appreciate the diversity that makes up their international school community and beyond. United Nations Celebration Day is a special occasion that features 1700 students from over 60 nationalities who collectively speak any of 35+ languages, to celebrate the diversity that makes SCIS unique. United Nations Day is a celebration of the diverse student body at each one of their three campuses. Throughout the day, there was not only visible evidence of a culturally diverse student body, but also an indescribable sense of international-mindedness that makes SCIS a special place to learn.


Little Scholar Academy

There's a magic space in LSA, and it's called Art Class. It's not just a place where kids learn to draw or cut, it's also a place that is full of all kinds of "things". It is a space where teachers inspire children to explore materials, nurture their sense of wonder, encourage their creativity, and inspire them to believe in love. Paper, branches, balls of string, and even shadow can be used to create in art class.



Wellington College's Zoom!

Wellington College International Shanghai's 5th Arts Festival on Nov 1 saw the stage set in the College dome for ZOOM!, a one-off original multimedia performance based around the works of Simon Armitage, the UK’s leading poet, and the centerpiece of the College’s 5th annual Arts Festival. Part concert, part poetry recital, part dance and part light show, ZOOM! was the culmination of three days of intense preparation and artistic exploration involving over 700 of Wellington’s pupils, from year 4 all the way up to year 13. In addition to working with Simon Armitage, pupils prepared synchronized movements with Round Midnight, a professional drama group and a firm favorite of previous festivals, while acclaimed musical director Jeremy Avis conducted the pupil choir, speakers and band. Additionally, a light show, devised by UK award-winning sound architect Richard Scott, added another dimension to the performance. Principal, Eleanor Prescott, emphasized that: “Wellington and our pupils are not afraid to challenge the status quo and take risks."


Little Urban Centre

On November 8, Shanghai Lingang Pujiang International Science Technology City Development Co. Ltd, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with LUC Education Group to promote the development of Lingang Pujiang Industrial community, thus improving the level of educational resources for Lingang Pujiang International Science and Technology City.

FGA (Future Growth Academy) is the second school of LUC Education Group. While LUC has achieved great success and won the reputation among the industry and parents, it aims to provide more children with better education. LUC has finally adopted the Early Childhood STEM program certified by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with aesthetic exploration courses and integrated Project-Based learning into the FGA curriculum that include areas of learning in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts.