June/July School Roundup

By Shanghai Family 2019-06-04 15:30:59

Concordia's young leaders

Recently ten Concordia students traveled to Orlando, Florida, to represent the Shanghai, China, chapter of DECA at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). DECA supports emerging leaders and young entrepreneurs in preparation for careers in all areas of business and marketing. More than 10,000 DECA delegates participated in the Competitive Events Program at this year’s ICDC. Concordia’s teams participated in events revolving around Merchandising Operations Research, Community Service Projects, International Business Plans and Start-Up Business Plans. 



YCIS Puxi Innovation Expo & TEDx event

YCIS Shanghai Puxi Secondary recently held its first-ever Innovation Expo and TEDx event, with academics and business leaders discussing innovative technological solutions to modern problems. Arranged by forward-thinking leaders and student organisers, the event showcased the level of innovation occurring on YCIS Puxi campuses.



Wellington College World Book Day

The theme for Wellington’s UN World Book Day was ‘Sharing a story’, prompting Lower Prep to encourage parents and children to read together at home, take a photo and share the experience with the class. These photos were used to create door displays telling the story of the simple joy of parents enjoying good books with their children. 


WISS Girl's Football

When you transform something into your passion the result is incredible! WISS's all-girl Stoke City FC Team is the perfect example of this, recently winning 3rd place in the SISAC Division 1 Championship. And real football stars can only envy WISS girls! Jackie, one of our players, has a higher goal ratio per game (1.2 goals) than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the UEFA Champions League!


Dulwich Puxi students save the elephants

Year 5 students have been studying the real life dilemma of human-animal conflict, affecting hundreds of thousands of people in Asia, and resulting in the decimation of the population numbers of the Asian elephant. Dulwich Puxi wants their students to go beyond learning about world problems, and to take a hand in helping to solve them. In that spirit, the students put together a charity bake sale utilizing the school's wonderful new teaching kitchen to create delicious treats to sell at break time. The children will research a suitable charity to donate the funds to, and will delve into the pros and cons of each, before making their final selection. This topic has been a perfect example of how we can help our children to gain an appreciation of the challenges that people are facing all over the world, as well as challenging students to apply their problem solving skills and sense of entrepreneurship to find solutions.