Highlights from Shanghai Family’s 9th International School Expo

By 2019-11-01 11:04:10

Last Sunday 13th October, families and friends flocked to THE PLACE to take part in Shanghai Family's 9th International School Expo and first International Arts Festival; co-hosted by Shanghai Family, Parents&Kids and HuMaNiuWa. Aimed at providing parents with the necessary resources and guidelines they need to decide on where to begin/ continue their children’s education, the international school expo is the perfect place for any family living in Shanghai to begin their search.

Over the course of the day, the event had attracted over 3,000 people with about twenty schools, medical service providers and sports trainers in attendance. It was a bright, sunny day packed with fantastic performances from some of our sponsors and students including songs, dances, and eye-catching sports activities.






In the months leading up to the event, all participants worked tirelessly to prepare materials, programmes, and activities to ensure a fun, educational day was enjoyed by all. Participants included international schools, bilingual schools and kindergartens, alongside other well-known sports education institutions and some of Shanghai’s best health and wellness service providers.


We would like to give our sincere thanks to the below for their support:



Yew Chung International School of Shanghai


Shanghai Community International School


Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi


Britannica International School Shanghai


Lycée Français de Shanghai


Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai


Shanghai Livingston American School


Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School


The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University


Montessori School of Shanghai


Sarnath Kindergarten


Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai


Magnolia Kindergarten


Bright Start Academy


Alpha Dental


Premiership Experience


Sports Lab


Five-Star Sports

Future Keys



To provide a clearer insight into the world of international education, representatives of the city’s schools effortlessly answered any and all public questions regarding their curriculum, values, benefits, and facilities. Families were also afforded a unique opportunity to speak directly with medical professionals from some of Shanghai’s most esteemed hospitals to gain vital information on family-related healthcare services available in the city.  



Onto the most anticipated part of the event! This year marks our very first International Art Festival and we were honoured to host some incredible performances such as recitals, dances and songs from various students of Shanghai. 


Huge thank you to all the talented groups and individuals that took part on the day and to their schools for helping them to prepare. Performers brought not only talent, determination, and a feeling of excitement to the stage but also a multitude of beautiful arts from various cultures. Audiences were then asked to vote on their favourites to help performers win one of our amazing prizes.  


After counting votes provided anonymously by members of the public, we are happy to announce that the winners of 2019 are as follows:


First Prize


First Prize: 3000 RMB went to Montessori School of Shanghai Chorus for their group performance of ‘Wild Geese Fly South’.

Second Prize


Second Prize: In joint second place, 2000 RMB went to Chenghan, Yunxian, Ziyuan, Yinan and Qianfan from Yangjing-Juyuan Experimental School for their group performance of ‘Vois Sur Ton Chemin’ and ‘Amavolovolo’.

Bella Ji from Shanghai West Jianping Middle School for her solo dance performance of ‘Long Sleeve Dancing”

Third Prize


Third Prize: 1000 RMB went to Anthony & Ruby from North America International School for their performance of original piece ‘Repetition’.

Anousha Singh from Shanghai Community International School for her solo performance of an Indian Style Dance entitled ‘Barso Re Megha’.

Anjali from Shanghai American School for her rendition of ‘Kiss My Baby’.

Recognition Prize


And, in recognition of their efforts, 300 RMB went to Yunxian from Yangjing-Juyuan Experimental School for his solo accordion performance of ‘La Valse Des Monstres’.

Montessori School of Shanghai Chorus for their group performance of ‘Hello to All The Children of The World’



In our Gaming Zone, children gained hands-on experience of programming and sports while having lots of fun.


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Morning performance video            Afternoon performance video