It's All About Skin

By Beth Roulston 2019-11-22 10:13:57

Give your complexion a dose of vitality at a centre that specialises in skincare

Skincare isn’t simple. In many ways, it’s actually quite complicated. Many think that their skin is either dry, normal, combination or oily all year round, but this just isn’t the case. Factors like the weather, your diet, and change in lifestyle have a real impact on your skin. When I sat down with the owner of SkinCity 5.5, Michael Chan, he said that many clients come in with little to no idea as to what their skin needs; and even more so for parents who simply don’t have the time to notice!

SkinCity 5.5, first opened in 2008 after the original expat owner noticed Shanghai’s distinct lack of establishments offering refined facials. Unlike your everyday luxury spa, SkinCity 5.5 pride themselves on offering the best in skincare services and solutions to support urban life. Considering the fact that Trip Advisor have awarded them a Certificate of Excellence three years in a row, their efforts are certainly paying off. Now in 2019, SkinCity 5.5 has expanded its services to offer more than just facials including skin rejuvenation and firming treatments using professional machines, full-body massages and scrubs, and even waxing and nail treatments.

On the day I visited, I wasn’t sure what I needed, all I knew was my skin was dry and seriously breaking out. The thing I most impressed by was just how well every person in the centre understands skin. When I sat down to discuss the right treatment, Michael was able to determine fairly accurately what my skin type was by asking a few in-depth questions and looking at my face in detail. He and my facialist then recommended a facial that combined RF & Magnetic Pulse technology to hydrate, lift, and brighten my skin called the Diamond Polar Anti-Ageing Face treatment. Once upstairs and comfortable, the facialist followed through with the usual routine of cleansing and toning before applying a thick conductive gel to my face that would enable the ‘Venus’ treatment machine to work. Overall, the main sensation I felt was an intense warming, but this wasn’t uncomfortable. And as the centre refuse to use anything but the best in terms of products, my skin did not flair up like I was anticipating. Each Babor product that the facialist used smelled heavenly and felt nice and light. And while she waited for my face mask to sink in she even treated me to a head massage, which, admittedly, was my favourite part. My skin was quite red once I left the centre but it soon calmed down. A few days later, the few breakouts I had were almost completely gone and I did notice a lift around my jawline and cheekbones. But don’t take my word for it, go and check the place out for yourself!

Jingan Dagu Centre, 476 Dagu Road; 021 6340 1235; Pudong Biyun Centre Suite B19-B20, 633 Biyun Road; 021 5030 7382