Christmas Charity Event: Autisum Awareness

By 2019-12-24 09:59:47

This year, Indigo Charity hosted a Charity Sale and sold over 260+ sets and raised over 30,000 RMB at the Christmas Charity sale. Indigo Charity in collaboration with S&D Charity Union, UCLA Alumni Shanghai Network, Friends of Shanghai, and German Events.


At the Christmas Charity Sale, Indigo Charity and friends are selling 100% pure, organic soap and homemade essential oils. Indigo Charity are a non-profit training organisation for those that suffer with mental illnesses. All products are handmade by older individuals who live with autism and down syndrome. Indigo Charity provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate their creative talent and to generate an income to support themselves. All profit made goes back to the charity.


If interested in supporting, please add WeChat: mzhu39065