Shanghai Offices and Schools to Delay Opening

By Shanghi Family 2020-01-29 13:47:53

In order to prevent and control the spread of novel coronavirus, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government just released an official statement stating that all offices and schools shall delay opening.



Various enterprises in Shanghai shall resume normal operations no earlier than midnight, 9th February; with the exception of any involved in ensuring urban operation (water supply, gas supply, power supply, communication and other industries), epidemic prevention and control (medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, protective products production and sales, etc.), supermarket stores, food production and supply and any other related enterprises associated with national economy or public livelihood. Employers must protect the legitimate rights and interests of all employees in accordance with the law.



Shanghai schools at all levels (universities, schools, vocational schools, kindergartens, nurseries, etc.) shall open no earlier than 17th February. Once health assessments have been made, the local government shall determine and announce a new start date.


For anyone returning to Shanghai for work, follow any and all government precautions. 


For the latest most up-to-date list of school closures, please click here