Latest Updates on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

By 2020-02-12 01:57:30

As of today, the Shanghai Health Commission announced that another 43 suspected cases have been ruled out and four patients have recovered and been discharged. The reported infections in Shanghai stands at 303 and 1,229 ruled out cases. There are 195 suspected cases still undergoing tests. 

Across China overall, the number of infections has risen to 42,717 and fatalities sit at 1,017. 

The infected range between seven months and 88 years old, with three under investigation as to how they became infected. Ninety-eight of the patients are from cities outside of Shanghai — 66 from Wuhan, 23 from other cities in Hubei Province, three from Jiangsu Province, two from Anhui Province, and one each from Heilongjiang, Hunan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. 

The commission also said in a statement that 231 patients are stable, nine are in serious condition and 10 are critical. Fifty-two patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital. There has been only one local fatality. 

In a news briefing earlier today, a spokeswoman from the Shanghai Health Commission, named Zheng Jin, says that, “Shanghai has 3,853 medical facilities with 77,700 doctors and 97,100 nurses, who can meet the needs for coronavirus control and normal health services of local residents.” 

As a foreigner who deems Shanghai and China my current home, I say this with all sincerity; 


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