Latest edition of Shanghai Family available now!

By 2020-02-20 12:23:38

Hey there readers, the latest edition of Shanghai Family is available to download now!

I don't know about you, but while pacing the four walls of my apartment this past month my guilty pleasure has been researching all the destinations I am dying to visit. 

While being confined to your warm, comfy homes, have a flick through our latest cover story for some summer vacation ideas. 


From the culturally vibrant streets of Edinburgh to the stunning shores of Dubrovnik, wander with us as we take you on a journey through Europe's most exciting cities.


In this issue’s feature story, Ariana Crisafulli chats to students of Concordia International School about how we can become more eco-friendly, conscientious travellers, and, on a lighter note, Nicole Chia offers some positive if not comical suggestions on how to survive travelling with your teens. 


In family travel we explore the stunning 'Avatar Mountains' in Zhangjiajie with Siobhan Brown and family. And for when life returns to normal be sure to check out our dining favourites for the coming season. 


In education and development, Rebecca Shah-Harvey discusses the rise in globalisation and how this is changing the skills our children will need for the future and Shanghai-based university counsellor, Lamonda Lewis, introduces the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hungary. 

Before returning to your non-quarantine lives remember to enjoy this precious time with family. How often is it that we are forced to work from home surrounded by the people we love! I for one feel so grateful to be part of the international, well-travelled expat community here in Shanghai. You all give me great hope for the future at a time when compassion between nations seems to be diminishing. 

To get your hands on a digital copy of the latest issue plus lots more family related stories/ info, download it at the bottom of the homepage.