13 Coronavirus patients including 7-month-old baby discharged

By Beth Roulston 2020-02-21 10:42:38

Today saw another 13 patients recover from coronavirus, including the youngest patient - a 7-month-old baby girl. The girl was previously quarantined and treated at the children’s hospital.

According to Dr Zeng Mei, director of the hospital’s infectious disease department of the children’s hospital, “The girl had mild symptoms of respiratory infection, so we gave medication in line with her condition and she recovered very quickly,” “She's completely recovered and the infection won’t impact her development in the future.”

Head Nurse of the infectious disease department, Xia Aimei, said taking care of a child so young is not easy “On the first day of arrival, a nurse even held her the whole night to ensure that she slept well.”

To date, Shanghai has reported 334 coronavirus cases with 199 patients discharged upon recovery.

Source – SHINE