Students From DTD Education Share Art Works & Cheers for Wuhan

By 2020-03-17 17:41:31

In February 2020, we at Shanghai Family, Parents&Kids and Humaniuwa invited all students living in Shanghai and surrounding cities to participate in our special contest "Go Wuhan, Go China" alongside our Art & Writing Competition to show our unified support for both Wuhan and China.

In less than one month, we have received video entries and artworks from 40 kindergartens, bilingual schools and international schools. Huge thanks to all participating schools, students and families for their support.

Over the past three weeks, we have shared some amazing video clips via our WeChat platforms and website, and today we would like to share some artworks submitted by students from DTD Education group. 


These young talents show their love and prayers for Wuhan, Shanghai and China through a series of beautiful paintings and illustrations.

Age Group: 3-10

  Qiang Wenyan from Middle-Class C @Vanke Kindergarten, Minhang

Gao Yi from Junior Class C @Vanke Kindergarten, Minhang

Sarah from Middle-Class @DTD Kindergarten (Jingan Campus)

Xu Yiqian from Senior-Class B @DTD Kindergarten (Pudong Campus) 

Zhang Tianjing from G3C6 @Vanke School, Pudong

Ye Haoyu from Class 6 @Vanke School, Pudong

Donnie from Class 5 @Vanke School, Pudong

Wang Liting from Junior-Class C @DTD Kindergarten (Zhoupu Campus

Pan Chenxuan from Senior-Class D @Vanke Kindergarten, Minhang


Age Group: 11-18


Qiu Tian from Class 6B @Vanke School, Pudong

Bob @Vanke School, Pudong

Zhang Yifan from Class 6D @Vanke School, Pudong

Chen Guanning from Class 7A @Vanke School, Pudong

Mully from Class 9Z @Vanke Bilingual School (Minhang campus)

Huang Qijia from Grade 9 @Shanghai DTD Academy


See you next week!