What You Need to Know About Returning to Shanghai

By 2020-03-18 16:27:40

As of Tuesday (the rules change day to day), people who have lived or travelled in key countries South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, France, Spain, Germany, the United States, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Norway 14 days prior to their arrival in at Hongqiao and Pudong international airports will be taken to districts' temporary checking and observation sites upon arrival by district staff.

After arriving at temporary observation sites in each district, each person will then undergo nucleic acid tests (a new procedure) for the coronavirus. Those who test negative will then be escorted to their residences or designated sites by district officials to undergo 14-day quarantine. People who test positive will be transferred to a designated medical treatment institution according to the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

According to Zeng Qun, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, "stricter measures on quarantine conditions will also be imposed". Passengers from key countries can expect visits from subdistrict officials to check whether their homes meet the required quarantine conditions while they wait for the nucleic acid test results. If conditions do not meet these requirements they will be moved to a designated quarantine.

"The move will reduce the number of frequent to-and-fro trips and transfers of those who don't meet home quarantine criterion, and prevent the risk of cross infection," he said.

Home quarantine standards were also adjusted and people quarantined at home are required not to live in the same apartment with other family members who don't need to be quarantined, the bureau said.

People arriving from key countries who are quarantined at designated sites will need to cover accommodation and meal fees themselves, stated the bureau. The same expanded measures will also apply to those who arrive in Shanghai via other ports in China from key countries.


What to prepare in advance based on those who have already experienced this:

There is a chance your family will be separated, so make sure you divide the below equally between you.


❤ Drinking water - enough to cover you for at least 24 hours

❤ Food – assume this will not be provided while being tested. (snacks, fruit, bread etc.)

❤ Nappies – there will be long waiting times between bathroom breaks.

❤ Towels – should you be sent to a quarantine centre

❤ Medication - to manage your symptoms should you be positive (do NOT take fever reducing over the counter medication)

❤ Baby wipes & hand sanitiser – to freshen up after long waits.

❤ Masks - young children may not be expected to wear a mask but keep them handy just in case.

❤ Battery packs, chargers & cables – you may not be in a place where you can easily charge your phone.

❤ Warm clothes & child sleeping bag – some may experience long waits outside or in cold, unheated areas.

❤ Change of clothes – should one of your children have an accident.

❤ Eye cover, travel pillow & earplugs – to help you or children sleep. (If you are landing in the evening chances are you will be waiting during the night in an area that is brightly lit.)

❤ Toys, books/ audiobooks, colouring books, travel game – to help prevent your kids from being frustrated or bored. (Be warned you are likely to be in for a long wait.)


Health Form and Notice from the government:

Ensure you fill out the health form truthfully by either filling out the form pictured below or scanning the QR code at the top of the form via WeChat. Those who falsify their forms face up to three years imprisonment.