Shanghai Schools Opening Date Announced!

By Beth Roulston 2020-04-09 14:47:02

Correct as of Thursday 9th April 2020; Source - Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

At a press conference today, held by the city ’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Group, it was announced that colleges and secondary vocational schools can start arranging graduate students to return to school from 27th April (the specific time for returning to school will be released by the school after approval). Schools of all levels and types should be prepared to return to school in batches for other school segments and grades before 6th May. 

Before students return to school, the Municipal Education Commission and district education bureaus will organise a full-coverage on-site inspection of the implementation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control requirements across all schools.  

It was also announced that some of the city's educational examination arrangements will be adjusted in 2020. Among them was the date for local high school entrance examinations which will now be between 27th to the 28th June and college entrance examinations will be between the 7th and 9th of July.