Greystar Launch Rental Housing Community Brand “LIV’N” in China

By 2020-06-02 11:27:18

Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC (“Greystar”), a global leader in the investment, development, and management of high-quality rental housing properties, is pleased to announce the launch of LIV’N, an upscale rental housing community brand in China.  The brand is representative of cosmopolitan professionals that place an importance on modern urban lifestyles.  With LIV’N, Greystar will deliver a best-in-class community experience in top cities throughout the country, which highlights connections between people, the property and the city, putting residences at the heart of it all.


The opportunity to satisfy demands for higher quality rental communities in the China market

With strong urbanization trends in China, structural housing shortages continues as population in major cities increase. Combined with the rise of a sophisticated and affluent consumer base of mobile individuals and families seeking high quality living experiences, demand for professionally designed and institutionally managed rental housing have significantly increased. 

As a pioneer in rental housing, Greystar is committed to selecting high-quality locations in top tier cities to design, develop and operate the best purpose-built rental housing projects in China. The “LIV’N” communities will be Greystar’s effort to bring global standards and best practices to the market while localizing to the needs of residents. As part of the company’s mission, Greystar is not only committed to bring to the China market institutional quality product and management but will continue to push the envelope and innovate in design, technology and services to impress residents with an unparalleled living experience.

Living in the city, LIV’N at "The Heart of It All"

At LIV’N, residents come first and are placed at the center of what truly matters in cosmopolitan living – well-appointed spaces, a vibrant community and unbridled access to the pulse of the city. As the tagline, "The Heart of It All" suggests, LIV’N is designed to afford residents with an intimate connection to their surroundings, which they will find in the comforts of their apartment and abundant amenities, the diverse cultural mix of residents, or the dynamism of the city that’s just at their doorstep. It also conveys to city newcomers that everything they need and want is well within reach. As a living space that offers seamless access to a mix of experiences, LIV’N is lifestyle to be desired.

LIV’N 833, the first of the LIV’N residences, soon to be launched in Shanghai

LIV’N 833, located at 833 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai, will debut as the first rental housing community of LIV’N in China towards the end of 2020.

Nestled on the crossroads of old-world charm and cosmopolitan vitality, LIV’N 833 is set to become one of the city’s premier, upscale rental residence within downtown Shanghai’s vibrant Inner Ring. Just 20 minutes away from Hongqiao Airport, it is within reach of multiple metro lines that are connected directly to key districts in Shanghai. Close at hand is the sprawling Zhongshan Park that forms a lush backdrop to the spread of culinary gems, quaint bistro bars and colorful local delicacies in the area. Western-style lane houses and splendid garden villas adorning the historical Yuyuan Road add distinctive character to the area. Matched only by majestic office towers and modern malls like Changning Raffle City and Cloud Nine Changning that are just moments away.  Life at LIV’N 833 puts residents at the heart of it all.

The interior design at LIV’N 833 is an eclectic blend of modern elegance, avant-garde style and the best of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Every detail is beautifully appointed with a contemporary upmarket appeal and visually pleasing no matter where you turn. Above all, the thoughtful nature of 833’s design puts residents’ varied needs at the forefront.

At LIV’N 833, friendly concierge is always at hand to offer their assistance and available to help residents at the public areas. More than a communal space, it is designed as a second living room for residents to feel at home whenever they are within the premises. A spacious, open concept that connects one activity space to another, it allows them to go from work to play in a heartbeat. At the top floor of 833 is the Sky Gym where residents can work out while being immersed in the view of the cityscape. The various public amenity areas are also where partners will be invited to organize special interest workshops to bring an enriching, vibrant lifestyle at LIV’N 833.

Façade view from Zhongshan Park

 “China is a key market for Greystar due to the lack institutionally managed and professionally designed rental housing communities. Today, we are very excited to announce our first community brand-LIV’N in China. With 25-years of experience in the rental housing industry, Greystar will combine our international design, development and management expertise to meet the important needs of residents.” said Charles Ma, Country Managing Director of Greystar China. "At the core of LIV’N, is to put residents at ‘The Heart of It All’, and in our first community, LIV'N 833 is committed to delivering an experience beyond the room itself, creating connections among people, property and the city. In the near future, Greystar will continue to develop the LIV’N collection across China, so more residents can come and immerse themselves in a lifestyle which is at the heart of it all.”

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