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By 2020-06-22 15:33:52

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Parents and teachers share their latest favourite quotes from kids


Cute, little 3-year-old girl at Disneyland, “Me no like Mad Hat,” after seeing the character the 'Mad Hat- ter' from Alice in Wonderland.



As usual, my two girls were fighting over what show to watch and with everyone being on edge, patience was running very thin... All of a sudden Lia (8), my youngest, stands up and makes a dramatic exit to her room saying with despair: “I simply can’t process this anymore, I’m social distancing from you all right now! See you at dinner,” and closed herself in her room...


“Mom this soup is too soupy and therefore unacceptable...” (the kid was four).


Toddler walking down Yuyuan road: “I don't want to be a boy!”
Father of toddler: “What do you want to be?” Toddler: “My shoe.”
Father: “Why's that?”
Toddler: “I don't understand the question...”


“Let's go out. I want an onion cake.” My three-year-old, crying at 3am...


2-year-old while listening to the radio in the car with his parents.: “I need some peas and quiet.”


3-year-old: “Daddy can you make me some noooze?”
Dad: “Nooze?”
3-year-old: “Yes, you know slurp slurp.”
Dad: “Oh! Noodles.”


My son (aged 2.5 yrs) was talking to an imaginary audience while I was on the phone with my manager. I apologised to my manager by saying, “Sorry, it is my son”, my son immediately retorted with " sun, moon, star, planet, mercury, nep- tune, pluto”.


Pre-school teacher asked his class what movies they like to watch and a little boy replied “My favourite movie is Alien Vs Predator”... teacher nearly fell off his seat.


In Singapore, where we are just now, not wearing a mouth mask can cost you a fine of US$210. So, my kids now call them, “Mouth Bras, because it’s now illegal to show your mouth”.

A kindergarten teacher asked his class to write about anything they like and most of the children attempted to write about going to the park, swim- ming, or playing with friends except for one boy who turned around and asked his teacher to help him spell, “General Grievous battles Obi-Wan Kenobi,” to which the teacher replied, “I don’t even know where to begin”.