Spotlight On: Yuyuan Road

By John Prozesky 2020-06-28 12:03:50

District: Xuhui
Cross-Streets: Jiangsu Road and Dingxi Road
Nearest Metro Station: Jiangsu Road (Line 2 & 11), Exit 6
About: The last couple of years have seen this west end of Yuyuan Road undergoing a makeover. The Changning District Government has been purposefully turning this street into a sprightly and attractive area with an ever-increasing variety of fantastic stores.

1. One for the ladies, or as a gift for that special someone. Apart from ready-made perfumes, Reclassified Perfumes also allows you to design and make your own. A good place to visit solo, as a group of friends, or for a mother-daughter bonding session. It all makes scents!

1st floor, 1286 Yuyuan Road; Tel. 021 6237 3786

2. Spacious and casual Gracina Life Restaurant offers a western menu accompanied by an extensive imported wine list. While there, pop into their adjacent room for imported food, wine, and other products.

1st floor, 1341 Yuyuan Road; Tel. 021 5238 1301

3. Take your family to enjoy the easy atmosphere and signature drink at  Slowww Melt Chocolate and Coffee Bar, a bean-to-bar establishment. Tuck into their delicious pastries and snacks, and their surprising savoury meals containing, yes, you guessed it, chocolate.

1st floor, 1208 Yuyuan Road; Tel. 133 1007 360

4. Brighten up your home with ornamental lighting! Imported from Holland, Calex Lighting shows that there is more to lighting than just the functional – it can be highly decorative and add greatly to the ambience of your home.

1st floor, 1042 Yuyuan Road; Tel 139 1863 1723

5. A 3D body scanner makes for a perfect fitting! Run by renowned Hong Kong image consultant Vennis Ma, this is one way MVP Bespoke goes beyond the normal services of the ubiquitous bespoke tailors in Shanghai. Virtual fitting is also on the horizon. They specialise in gents’ and ladies’ formal wear.

2nd floor, 1341 Yuyuan Road; Tel. 133 4188 8797