Congratulations to our 2020 Graduates!

By 2020-07-31 19:19:14

Saying farewell to the past and hello to new beginnings...

Thanks to COVID-19, classmates, teachers, and faculty have been scattered across the world, unable to come together and celebrate in the usual fashion. To celebrate what has been a challenging yet monumental period, our Shanghai schools have given the 2020 graduations a modern uplift and moved them online!

Here are some of our favourite highlights from this year's graduation ceremonies!


*All listings in this post are written in alphabetic order.


Dulwich College Shanghai 



"Overcoming obstacles of rain, social distancing, and everchanging regulations, the graduating class of 2020 took part in an unconventional and unforgettable celebration to mark the end of their IB journey at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong. This year, faculty helped students create a 40-minute video including photos of their time at Dulwich, showcasing their musical talents, and sharing heartfelt messages from staff passing on their best wishes and farewells from all over the world. After watching the video assembly, everyone gathered in the dining hall for a delicious barbeque, provided by Bosco Velho and the Aden Team. Thank you to the class of 2020 for inspiring the team to always aim high, reach for the stars, and do the best we possibly can in everything we do, even in times of adversity!"



Dulwich College Shanghai 



"Congratulations on your successful graduation from DUCKS! Each student has completed the Early Years and Foundation Stage Curriculum and is now ready to join the big kids in the Junior School. Your parents and teachers couldn’t be any prouder! Here's to all the new opportunities that await you. You're all going to look so smart wearing your Dulwich blazers and junior school ties!"


Harrow International School



"Much time went into the creation of Harrow's first-ever virtual Prize Giving event. This traditional celebration included speeches, the Annual Bill, music, poetry, and of course, the awarding of the prizes. It was topped off with a warm message of best wishes to everyone in Shanghai from Alastair Land, the Headmaster of Harrow London. Big congratulations to all Harrovians!"


Hongwen Montessori Academy

Greenhills Campus


"This year, we at Hongwen Montessori Academy hosted online graduation for all our students. Celebrating pupil successes, the online ceremony featured a lovely collection of student-led performances and heartwarming speeches from caring teachers. As the students move on to their new schools, we believe that the confidence, independence, and language skills they gained while at Hongwen will help guide them onto the path of success. "


Magnolia Kindergarten


"Magnolia graduates achieved their first educational milestone with a ceremony. Loved ones gathered to witness the classes celebrate with performances, followed by the handing out of diplomas. Parents and teachers had shed tears of pride as they watched the children leave the green gates one final time. Thank you to the graduates for all the wonderful memories we shared! "


The Little Urban Center


"June was a season of emotional farewells for us at the Little Urban Center Preschool (LUC). Our children have grown into smart, sensible, and capable little humans, ready to face whatever primary has to throw at them! The care and hard work given throughout the period led to a successful conclusion, as the school is deeply gratified to look upon the smiling faces of the students. We look forward to seeing our graduates succeeding in all their future endeavours. Jiayou! "


Tiny Tots


"For the first time in 23 years, Tiny Tots has had to cancel its Graduation Ceremony. We believe that the school activities, forging of friendships, and enriching events will leave lifelong memories for all students. It’s with pride and joy we say goodbye to these children, all of whom have been admitted to their primary school of choice. "


Yew Chung International School

of Shanghai


"YCIS Shanghai Class of 2020 recently celebrated their graduation and their celebrations were live-streamed, allowing parents, families, and friends to share this important moment with them. Congratulations to all students of YCIS and best wishes, as you embark on the next stages of your learning journeys at universities around the world."

To all of Shanghai's graduates, we wish you all a happy, bright future!

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