Shanghai Family’s Newest Addition

By 2020-08-13 11:55:34

Living in Shanghai has cemented for me two very important things. The first is just how important it is to value yourself, your family, and your friends – no matter how little or how much time you think you have. And the second, is that everything happens for a reason.



I can say without a shadow of a doubt that that was NOT my feeling in April of this year when COVID-19 was in full swing. Unlike many who were working from home, I was running around town like a headless chicken trying to be everywhere and everything all at once, spinning plates here and manically typing up articles there. What I couldn’t see then, that I can now (hindsight is a wonderful thing), is that everything I was doing was leading me up to a single important moment. A moment where I could stand back and look at everything our team had worked so hard to build and achieve and feel proud. Despite all the odds, during a very challenging, stressful period, our team at Shanghai Family and Parents&Kids thrived and our content got better and better.


My love for these brands runs deep, just as my love for this team runs deep. I have never worked with a more dedicated nor determined group of individuals. I feel like I have achieved everything I set out to achieve during my time at with Shanghai Family and Parents&Kids and it's time to move onto a new Shanghai challenge.

It is with sadness that must I announce that I will be resigning my position as Editor in Chief of Shanghai Family and Parents&Kids. These last two years with both brands, first as Managing Editor, then Editor in Chief, have been such a thrilling and wonderful ride. Big shoutout and thank you to all you readers. Every comment, every message, and every compliment you gave made my job so much more worthwhile.

When one door closes another door opens. Just as I say goodbye, a new, very excited Editor would like to say hello!


Allow me to introduce Claire Squire. A fellow writer and editor of Shanghai that is also guilty of beginning conversations with the phrase, “I read this article the other day…”. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for the magazine going forward!


Hello everyone! It's an absolute pleasure to reach out to you all today and introduce myself. I’m very excited about joining the team at Shanghai Family and Parents&Kids. Beth and her team have built a strong brand that really serves the expat community in Shanghai. Joining the publication that’s fondly dubbed ‘The big sister of Shanghai’ is an absolute honour.

Like Beth, I am a Brit that's been living in Shanghai for the best part of five years. I adore Shanghai and it’s a city I very comfortably call home. A little about me, my big passions are writing (obviously) eating and hanging out with my dog. Ideally both at the same time if possible. But, I am sure you will all get to know me through my witty turn of phrase over the next coming months!

Lots of our strongest content is going to be staying, but there will be some fun and exciting changes coming too. Keep your eyes and ears open for new events, interesting columns, and some new voices that are going to be joining your favourite magazine!

Catch you just inside the cover of our next publication guys!