Announcing the Winners of This Year's Art & Writing Competition-Wuhan Jiayou

By 2020-08-18 14:07:48

In November of last year and February of this year, we announced the themes of our 2019-2020 Art & Writing competition: ‘Eco Future’ and ‘Go Wuhan, Go China’.By the 31st March, we received nearly 1,000 paintings, over 100 letters, and a collection of more than 100 videos, handcrafts, and sculptures from a total of 82 international schools, bilingual schools, international high schools, bilingual kindergartens, and local schools. On behalf of Parents&Kids, Shanghai Family, and HuMaNiuWa we want to send our warmest thanks to all participants for their hard work and support.Scroll down to discover who are our winners for this year's  ‘Go Wuhan, Go China’ competition.

Painting Award

Painting Award (3-10)

Painting Award (11-18)

Writing Award

Writing Award(3-10)

While reviewing all students' work, we were so impressed and touched by the creativity and effort put into all entries. Our talented and lovely participants taught us that with love, trust, and mutual support we will get through difficult times and step into a bright future.

Note: Each of the lucky winners and runners-up of the 'Go Wuhan, Go China' competition will receive a certificate at our Award Ceremony to be held on 11th October at Kerry Parkside. For more information about the awards or our upcoming ceremony, please scan the QR code below.

For full awards list, please follow our wechat accounts: Shanghai Family and Parents&Kids.

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