12 of Shanghai’s Best Picnic Spots

By Caitlin Gates 2020-09-03 10:15:13

Take your pick of the best parks in Shanghai. From sprawling green pastures to peaceful forests, Shanghai contains some of the best parks in the world. Shanghai is a city full of wonder with soaring skyscrapers to plots of greenery scattered throughout. So, there’s no excuse to not be able to come across some of these breathtaking sights. 

If you’re unsure of where to go and what to do, then continue reading this article as we have chosen 12 of the best parks in the city. 


Century Park 

Address: 1001 Jinxiu Road



Century Park, what a gigantic wonderland. One of the largest parks in Shanghai with more grassy areas and beautiful views than any other. The jaw-dropping sites will provide amazing opportunities for anyone to go on beautiful scenic walks, a romantic date, or even discover their own special paradise. The park offers many activities for families to enjoy from boating to biking, and beyond.  


Shanghai Sculpture Park 

Address: 1158 Linyin New Road



The Shanghai Sculpture Park is one of grandeur and splendor with the entwine of nature and art, this destination provides amazing photo opportunities to anyone who visits. From the fun attractions, comfy beach and beautiful sculpture pieces, walks throughout the park are filled with amazing views. This place is the perfect park for art and nature lovers, or anyone who feels the need to frolic in the water and gardens with their families or dogs. 


Gongqing Forest Park 

Address: 2000 Jungong Road 



Unlike other parks in Shanghai, Gongqing Forest Park is abundantly full of countryside views. Greenery and flowers are scattered throughout with an occasional wild animal scattering along the paths. This amazing park provides an escape from an urban lifestyle to anyone that ventures in. People looking for a good place for photos, a picnic or nature will immediately fall in love with this forest. 


Nanyuan Bingjiang 

Address: 800 East Longhua Road



Looking for a cute date spot for the family in the city? Then Nanyuan Bingjiang is just for you. A massive garden with a small lake in the centre, animal statues made of flowers dispersed throughout, and a nice view of the Lupu Bridge, you and your family will be able to relax and destress for as long as you like in this magnificent park.


Gucun Park 

Address: Gucun Zhenhutai Road



A frequently visited and popular park in Shanghai, the Gucun Park is one of the best. On the weekends it’s constantly filled with families enjoying the lake, flying kites, and thrill-seeking children. Watch out for shouts of glee and cheer with the adorable park train and roller coasters. Visitors are able to rent boats for hours at a time, uncover the wonders inside the park, and lay about on the grass with beautiful fauna and flora. 


Tianshan Park 

Address: 1731 West Yan’An Road 



Though small, this park is perfectly formed for every family. Its pavilions, hills and lakes are great views for families to relax and enjoy after a stressful week. This park is perfect for anyone keen to listen to music with its daytime granny bands and the Yuyintang, one of Shanghai's best live houses, you can lie down and bask in the beautiful sounds of Shanghai. 


Xujiahui Park 

Address: 986 Zhaojiabang Road



Looking for a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Xujiahui then wander on down to the Xujiahui Park. With granny dance parties, restaurants, and the best basketball games in the city, this location is good for anyone looking for an incredibly relaxing picnic spot for the family. 


Fuxing Park 

Address: 105 Yandang Road 



Just a quick walk from Xintiandi, Fuxing Park has gardens, a children's area, and historical monuments throughout for anyone to discover. The park is super popular for many couples and families in Shanghai with its soft, comfortable grass that’s good for a picnic, lunch break, reading or even some people watching. 


Zhongshan Park 

Address: 780 Changning Road 



Great place for families to come fly kites, paddle around in boats, and lay out on the grass during the weekend. The park tends to contain elderly folk practicing their Tai Chi and sword fighting skills, and joggers can be seen throughout the day running through the park. The park is generally quite busy, but if you try hard enough, you can always find a spot to unwind for a night. 


New Hongqiao Centre Park 

Address: 97 Yili Road 



One of Shanghai's best, most underrated BBQ spots is at the New Hongqiao Centre Park. It offers families the chance to rent a grill and barbeque on any given weekend. All you’ve got to do is bring the food, and the park administration will provide the rest. Aside from the delicious barbeque facilities, the park contains some of the best water and flower features in the city. 


Huashan Children's Park 

Address: 1575 Huashan Road 



In the morning, Huashan Children's Park is filled to the brim with the elderly playing board games, hanging out, and practicing Tai Chi. And by night, families rest and enjoy dinner in the luscious gardens. A popular destination for dog walkers and joggers with its nice water features, magnificent views, and spacious areas. 


Shanghai Botanical Garden 

Address: 997 Longwu Road



This spacious 200-acre garden holds the renowned Penjing Garden, as well as a large collection of peonies, roses, magnolias, bamboo, and beyond. The botanical garden is one of the best flora parks in the city with its magnificent views, attractions, and location. This astounding facility offers an escape into paradise from Shanghai’s urban cityscape. The garden beholds impressive floral displays that provide entertainment and adoration to any and all who visit.