16 Exceptional Events For Your Family

By Pilar Ortego 2020-09-03 12:07:02

September is a busy month for all of us, with school just around the corner. If you're not too exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around, why not head out into the city? We've collated a variety of family-friendly themed exhibitions, performances, and festivals all designed to help you to get the most out of your weekend.


Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe



This acrobatic ensemble was founded in 1951 and is the oldest in Shanghai. You can enjoy up to three different kinds of shows, each having a unique feature worth watching. They are recognised internationally and have been awarded prestigious prizes such as the ‘Monaco City Award’. It is a perfect activity to enjoy with the family on a weekend afternoon. 


Prices: 180 – 380 RMB

When: Now – 31st December 

Where: Shanghai Centre; 1376 West Nanjing Road; Jing’an District 


Yoga In The Park 



Enjoy a yoga class in Xiangyang park this weekend. This is the perfect solution to relax and ease yourself after a stressful week. 


Price: 88 RMB

When: Now – 15th November 

Where: Xiangyang Park; 108 North Xiangyang Road; Xuhui District 


Shanghai 3D Magic Fun House



This Magic Fun House is full of crazy and amazing 3D paintings. With grand visual treats through astonishing lighting and sound effects, as well as magic paintings, rooms, and furniture, every visitor will discover bewildering illusions. 


Price: 80 RMB

Where: B2 Waitan Sightseeing Tower; 2789 Binjiang Avenue; Huangpu District 


Chinese Traditional Cooking & Cultural Workshop



Cook In Shanghai is renownedly known for its superb Chinese cooking and culture classes in Shanghai. Their classes provide a warm, friendly introduction to authentic regional culture with offering services, such as team building & venue rental. The day is divided into several activities: a fresh market excursion, a basic Chinese cooking class, meal-prep, and relaxing tea time. 


Price: 410 – 1300 RMB

Where: Seasons Hotel; 1690 Middle HuaiHai Road; Xietu Districs 


30-Day Happiness Booster Program



This booster programme was created by Janine Jakob, a happiness and career coach. Her lessons teach you powerful activities that will cheer you up in a second. Her booster topics teach one how to be happy and successful with 10 minute daily exercises. It's perfect if you are interested in working on your mental health and finding peace of mind, especially in such hectic times.

Price: 300 RMB 

When: 31st August –28th September

Where: Online via Wechat group 


 Indoor Skating



Want to get out of the heat? Why not try indoor skating rink, perfect for adults and children at the New World Ice Rink. Don't be afraid to try it, we promise that everyone falls down at least once. 


Where: 6F New World Department Store; 2 West Nanjing Road; Jing’an District

Kingdom Of Insects



A perfect option if you have children that are curious about insect life. It is an opportunity for them to discover new insects and learn more about the ones they are already familiar with. 


Prices: 40 – 60 RMB

Where: East Port Building; 1 Fenghe Road; Lujiazui; Pudong New District 


Christian Dior Designer of Dreams



A fashion exhibition with 275 Haute Couture pieces on display. The exhibition includes some of the designer’s original sketches, making it all the more special. This is a fabulous experience for those interested in fashion. 


Price: 70 RMB  

When: Now – 4th October 

Where: Long Museum West Bund; 3398 Longteng Avenue; Xuhui District 


Chocolate World Exhibition 



Meet the best international and local Chocolate brands in the market at this exhibition taking place in September. 


Price: 207 RMB

When: 28th September –  30th September 

Where: Shanghai New International Expo Centre; 2345 Longyang Road; Pudong District 


Snoopy 70th Anniversary 



Travel the world of Snoopy at this art exhibition that travels through the history of Snoopy and its' creation, dating all the way back to 1950. This exhibition’s theme of ‘What a Wonderful Day!’ offers an unforgettable experience for everyone, with blasts from the past that anyone can reminisce over.


Prices: 40 – 80 RMB 

When: 10th September – 4th January 

Where: MoCA Animamix Biennial; 231 West Nanjing Road; Huangpu District 


Indoor Rock Climbing Experience



This is the perfect experience if you are looking for some weekend family entertainment while also exercising. Rock climbing is beneficial for training your brain and physical abilities at the same time - as well as being super fun.


Price: 125 RMB

When: Now – 31st December 

Where: 1F; 199 Yangzhai Road; Changning District; 


Immersive Science and Art Exhibition 



An extraordinary exhibition appealing to both art and science fiction lovers. The show counts for the first time with an immersive stage drama as well as a Universal Studios collaboration. 


Prices: 66 – 258 RMB

When: Now – 8th October 

Where: 4F; Global Harbor Mall; 3300 North Zhong Shan Road; Putuo District 


Travel Back to the 80s



Feeling nostalgic? Experience the 80s once again, or for the first time in this museum exhibition. With interactive activities, be sure to enjoy the blast from the past.


Prices: 30 – 119 RMB

When: Now – 31st October 

Where: Times Square; 500 Zhangyang Road; Pudong District 


NBA Playzone 



The best place to spend the weekend for any basketball fanatics. The NBA playzone provides activities for the whole family, making it a great way to get out of the sun.


Prices: 209 – 326 RMB

When: Now – August 31st 

Where: 2F Hubindao Shopping Mall; 150 Hubin Road, Huangpu District 


Weekend Brunch at MESS



What better way to spend the weekend than by enjoying a delicious brunch with the family? Enjoy MESS’s Special Brunch weekend with delicious savoury and sweet that everyone can enjoy.  


Price: 330 RMB 

When: Now – 27th September 

Where: Dechang Apartment; 23 East Xietu Road; Huangpu District 


Pilates ProWorks 



Pilates ProWorks is a San Francisco based company, who opened its first Asian location in Shanghai back in 2018. Their classes are perfect for any Pilates enthusiasts, as the company provides their own  Pilates machines, which provide a unique experience. 


Price: 109 RMB

When: Now – 31st December 

Where: 1F, 1003 Wuding Road, Jing’an