“Enjoy! It’s from Europe” food festival invites consumers to enter the colourful and delicious world of European Union food and beverage products.   

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September 24, 2020   SHANGHAI — Following the first significant bilateral trade agreement between the EU and China[1] regarding 100 EU GI products in China, a GI-specific conference was held in the morning. Different regimes [Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Geographical Indications (GI)] were explained to importers, distributors, e-commerce representatives, businesses and other food professionals.



GI-specific conference was held at Jing’an Shangri-la, Shanghai


“European Geographical Indications products are renowned for their quality and diversity, it is important to protect them at EU and global level to ensure their authenticity and to preserve their reputation. The EU-China GI agreement signed on 14 September will contribute to do this and will benefit our agri-food sector and consumers on both sides,” said Damien Plan, Counsellor for Agriculture, EU Delegation to China.



Representatives attended the GI specific conference


Set in a lively, outdoor environment, the “Enjoy! It’s from Europe” food festival kicked off in Shanghai. The different booths displayed information together with a selection of safe, and high-quality food and beverage products.


(In the afternoon, featuring sampling and information about dozens of safe, high quality foods and beverages in a lively outdoor environment, the “Enjoy! It’s from Europe” Food Festival kicked off in Shanghai today rewrite above).


The consumer-focused event, held outdoors at the Jing’an Kerry Centre, in Shanghai, was an enticing invitation for Chinese food lovers to learn more about the colourful world of European food and beverage products. As part of the “Colours by Europe” European Union (EU) food and beverage promotion campaign, the food festival puts the spotlight on the diverse range of safe, high quality and authentic EU products available in the China market.



“Enjoy! It’s from Europe” food festival


The food festival featured a cooking demo by a leading Shanghai-based chef as well as food and soft drink tasting and live entertainment. The event also launched the “Enjoy! It’s from Europe Fun Farm Harvest Game” and a WeChat H5 mini-programme-based game whereby consumers harvest EU food products on a European farm. The top 20 players will win prizes, such as a basket of some of Europe’s most desirable food and beverage items.



Consumers enjoyed EU food and beverage


In collaboration with “Colours By Europe” communication campaign in China, “Enjoy! It’s from Europe” food festival gave resident European food lovers the chance to taste safe, high-quality and authentic EU food and beverage products. Consumers attending this food festival had the chance to experience some of the best food and beverage products the EU has to offer, including key GI products. Furthermore, through ongoing offline events and social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo and Douyin, Chinese consumers were invited to explore and enjoy the wide range of high-quality, delicious produce offered by EU countries.


At the “Enjoy! It’s from Europe” food festival, Jacky Chen, a well-known Shanghai-based chef and third-place winner in the 2018 Escoffier Young Talent Trophy Shanghai, showed how easy it is for consumers to use high-quality European food products when they cook at home. Chef Chen prepared Spanish black pig with pork mashed potatoes and fried eggs as well as French codfish with taro bacon mousse and caper lemon juice. Chef Chen commented: nothing is more important than choosing safe, high-quality ingredients to serve his customers, and further mentioned he has confidence in the quality and safety of food and beverage products from the EU. He highlighted that the production of all EU-labelled food follows strict hygiene regulations and control systems to ensure the safety of products and food establishments, for staff and consumers alike.



Jacky Chen demonstrated dishes made with EU ingredients



French codfish



Spanish black pig with pork mashed potatoes and fried eggs


The booths at the festival gave consumers a chance to taste a variety of colourful and delicious EU food and beverage products. A range of delicious tapas featuring premium products from EU countries was served: Spanish red prawn cocktail on paprika panna cotta; Prosciutto di Parma from Italy and melon drizzle with olive oil; stewed porcini with fresh buffalo mozzarella from Italy on focaccia; crab meat potato hash with blue lobster aioli from Ireland; grilled Iberico pork belly skewer from Spain, olives and anchovy paste; and liquid Italian nitro oxygen expresso ice cream in a mini ash cone. Furthermore, consumers have the opportunity to taste different juices from Portugal, Slovenia, Austria and Bulgaria.



Crab meat potato hash with blue lobster aioli from Ireland



“Enjoy! It’s from Europe” poster series


Safety, quality and authenticity of the EU food and beverage products:


Safety, quality and authenticity are the core pillars of what drives the demand of EU food and beverage products among consumers worldwide. Consumers can enjoy European food and beverage products with peace of mind thanks to the comprehensive safety and quality standards at every step from growing to production. The quality of European food and beverage products are guaranteed by stringent regulations that are in place. Europe's diverse mix of cultures and centuries of traditions give birth to a wide variety of authentic food and beverage products.  



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[1] https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2020/07/20/eu-china-council-authorises-signature-of-the-agreement-on-geographical-indications/