Challenge Yourself With Rock-Climbing

By Gina Batmunkh 2020-11-26 11:21:32

A life "survival skill" to enjoy!

Certainly, rock-climbing is one of the most exciting and challenging sports. It requires great amount of concentration and physical strength. As me and my friends like to describe it, rock-climbing is a life “survival skill”. Sure it entails focus when climbing up, but once you reach the top, the feeling of happiness just cannot be ignored. It most definitely is deserving of a HUGE applause! Whether you are trying it for the first time or just love the rush when climbing, we have gathered a list of places where you can enjoy the activity. To make it even more fun, bring your kids and friends along.


Shanghai Stadium Rock-Climbing Centre

Address: 666 Tianyaoqiao Road, near Lingling Road, Building 6,


Photo source: dianping ( Shanghai Stadium Rock-climbing centre)


Shanghai Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium where you may find yourself surrounded by lots of sport activities. No doubt, it is well known for its rock-climbing facilities. It is a great place to visit during fall and spring, as the place has partially open areas. Different levels are available from easy to more challenging, kids areas are available as well.


Business hours: 

Monday-Friday 13:00-22:00 

Weekend 10:00-22:00


West Bund Climbing Wall

Address: 3398 Longteng Avenue


Photo source: dianping (binjiang panyan - 滨江攀岩)


Let me start with a word: free. Yes, this outdoor climbing space is free and has an awesome view of the Huangpu river (now that is a bonus). The walls are not as tall as other rock-climbing places, but it will be enough if all you’re looking for is a nice place to have fun at. It is suggested you bring gears and shoes. For all those of you that aren’t so fond of rock-climbing, West Bund also offers all sorts of public activities. 


Park Climbing Gym

Address: 199 Yangzhai Road, near Kaixuan Road


Photo source: dianping (Park Climbing Gym)


Another great spot for you to try rock-climbing is Park Climbing Gym, near Donghua University. If you are looking for a quiet time, the climbing facility is less busy during the morning. Staff are friendly but you need to step up on your Chinese, as they don’t speak much English. Put your worries aside for a while and climb up because there is no time limit once you pay. Good luck!


Business Hours: 

Monday-Friday 10:00-22:00


Pongo Climbing Gym

Address: 833 Zhizaoju Road, Long No.26, near Zhongshan Nan Yi Road


Photo source:


Pongo Climbing Gym specialises in bouldering, on top of that this is the only place that has walls designed by IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) route setters. Such a comfortable and friendly place welcomes you with professionalism, and climbers with all levels are able to enjoy the sport. Here is an interesting fact about them, wonder what the name comes from? According to them, the name “Pongo” was inspired by an orangutan, as they like to spend nearly all their time up in trees.


Business Hours: 

Monday-Friday 12:00-22:00 

Weekend 10:00-21:00


Rock Dance Space Rockclimbing Centre(Pudong)

Address: 1200 Shibo Da Dao, near Shangnan Road


Photo source: dianping ( Rock Dance Space Rockcliming center-岩舞空间攀岩)


Climbers, listen up! This is a great spot for rock-climbing and it is located at the Mercedez-Benz Arena, for those of you who are car enthusiasts as well. What are you waiting for? Plan your weekend or take some day off during the weekday and head over to Space Rock-climbing center. It is kid friendly too, which makes it such an amazing way to spend your weekend. After those heavy physical exercises, relax by the Huangpu River, and enjoy the exquisite view.


Business Hours: 

Monday-Friday 10:00-22:00 

Weekend 10:00-21:00


Magic rock Climbing Gym

Address: 340 Hankou Road, 3F, near Shandong Zhong Road


Photo source: dianping (Magic rock Climbing Gym - 魔岩)


Even though it is not that spacious as other rock-climbing centers, it is enough for beginners to practice. Here, you can come across kids climbing all the way to the top, which might motivate you to do so yourself. Rock-climbing doesn’t discriminate in age, gender, or status. In addition, it is located at the heart of East Nanjing Road.


Business Hours: 

Tueday-Friday 13:00-21:00 

Saturday 10:00-21:00 

Sunday 10:00-19:00


Acme Climbing

Address: 218 Meilongzhen Luojin Road, Youxigu Culture & Sports Industrial Park, Building 5


Photo source: dianping (Acme climbing)


Acme Climbing is a place worth the visit and your time. Not only are the walls insanely decorated with cute art, but also has patient coaches. They are there to guide you throughout your climb, especially if you are a beginner. People might get intimidated by the heights after reaching the top, but with persistent practice it is achievable. Come and enjoy a unique and new experience!


Business Hours: 

Tueday-Friday 13:30-22:00 

Weekend 10:-21:00