Maggie & Rose flight to Shanghai’s Bund for our mini Global Traveller’s this Christmas

By 2020-12-23 19:20:28

Mini Global Traveller Christmas Party

A real Christmas tree, a restored ‘one to one’ model plane in the entrance, music to mimic a real airport and even an appearance from Father Christmas; this year, in the run up to Christmas, we collaborated with the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai to provide families with a cosy experience like no other, at our Mini Global Traveller experience and Christmas party.

In the stunning setting of the Peninsula Hotel, on the 14th Floor, the Rosamonde Lounge is reminiscent of a ‘private airport’, with a mini museum dedicated to all things aviation. Little ones stood next to the plane as they started on their adventure; we all loved the hanging planes and clouds decorating our pop-up, against the backdrop of the Bund and its fantastic river view, as we put on our signature Make & Make Believe activities for little ones to get creative.

On our Maggie & Rose flight, each of our teacher’s acted as lovely air hostesses, whilst little ones took on the role of being brave little pilots! With our grown-ups, we made boarding passes and postcards, and a suitcase with various items to pack inside. As we boarded the flight, we put on our aviators, fastened our seatbelts and commenced our flight, from London to Hong Kong, with a stop over en route to Shanghai, taking in the sights along our way. We hope our unique class experience provided the whole family with lots of fun and many memories!

On landing, Father Christmas was already at the airport waiting, and gave each of our little travellers and pilots some Maggie & Rose presents!

For all of our families who joined us, whether they had known each other for a long time or just met, (we think!) all thoroughly enjoyed the pop-up space we created for the little ones, We’re all looking forward to spending more time together making family-time memories at our three new clubs in Shanghai and Hangzhou very soon.

A special thank you to the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai and all the team for making this pop-up happen!


Families joined us to take time to be together!

When we told our families about our upcoming pop-up, we were thrilled to have so many of you joining us, including lots of special guests, who came to experience an adventure as we set off around the world. Our creative early years learning and our ethos of taking time to be together is something that we know we all want more of as families.

Rebecca Yang, the face and brains behind ‘China’s Got Talent’, ‘The Voice’ and ‘Super Nanny’, showed her support at our pop-up and wished us well for our journey in Shanghai. Thank you for joining us!

In 2018, Mr. Gao, our first founding member here in Mainland China, joined us and since then has spent 2 years with us at Maggie & Rose. He was full of kind words about our first club in Hangzhou, including the service we offer there and the fantastic club facilities for the whole family. When he heard that we would be opening in Shanghai, he joined us with his family at our Peninsula pop-up to show his support once again. Thank you Mr. Gao!

We were delighted to welcome founding members from our Moon Club, Yin Tai Club and friends and families of the brand, along with some extra special Peninsula guests to join us at our Maggie & Rose pop-up. We had lots of interest for our new openings here in Shanghai and Hangzhou, and we can’t wait to keep you updated on the next steps of our journey. For our families, we know that building confidence in little ones, giving them a place to grow and develop safely is so important, and we were so grateful to hear all of your well wishes and to have your support.


About Us

Maggie & Rose started back in 2006 in London, with our first, much-loved family members' club opening in Kensington. We next popped up with two clubs in Hong Kong, in Repulse Bay and Causeway Bay, and then landed in Mainland China in 2018. We now have clubs across the globe, in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

With over a decade of experience opening our family clubs, Maggie & Rose provide our families with a place to spend time together, based on our ethos of eat, play, learn and party. We have become the ultimate destination for families to go to for family friendly dining, play time , British early years’ education, parties and shopping.

An extension of home, we are all about building comfortable, creative spaces for little ones and grown-ups to take ‘time to be together’, encouraging our families to grow and learn, and make unforgettable memories at our ‘homes away from home’.

Our Global Family

2007 Kensington Club, London

2013 Chiswick Club, London


2015 Repulse Bay Club, Hong Kong

2018 Hangzhou Club, Mainland China

2018 Causeway Bay Club, Hong Kong

2019 Islington Club, London


2021, it’s time to be together at Moon Club, Shanghai, Nan Feng Club, Shanghai, and Yin Tai Club, Hangzhou.


What we offer

The world of Maggie & Rose offers the whole family, and particularly little ones who are the members, a place to eat, play, learn and party, and to spend time together as a family in our home away from home. It all starts here, with our Maggie & Rose way of life.

Eat together at our family restaurant

Join us at our family-friendly restaurants which bring together dishes from all over the world, for our families to enjoy. Some signatures we love, the mushroom pizza, egg rolls, Japanese soufflé pancakes, British afternoon tea, each dish is super tasty and (we think!) beautifully presented. We also pay attention to little tummies, and are careful in the  ingredients and amount of salt and sugar we use, preferring natural alternatives wherever possible.

Our British play-spaces

made using wood flown in from Scotland, and are completely natural, and designed and made in the UK. With soft, grass-like flooring, we’ve been careful to make our spaces perfect for little ones of all ages, so they can get busy playing and enjoying our energy-busting play areas.

Learn through play with our British early years’ learning ethos

Our early years’ curriculum was developed over the last 14 years in London, and has since been trialled and tested in Hong Kong for 8 years. We are all about learning through play and the concept, ‘CREATE’. Little ones have even been able to try out our class online this year from the comfort of home, with our digital Maggie & Rose platform, offering up weekly classes focusing on music, art, cooking, encouraging little ones to get imaginative and creative.

Our classes are taught by one native English speaking teacher, with a Chinese teaching assistant, offering up interactive and fun teaching environments for little ones and grown-ups, which are immersive and bilingual. At our clubs, little ones hear English spoken everywhere, as they get stuck into our classes, whether it’s becoming little cheflets, mastering masterpieces, making music together, getting messy splatting or just being creative!

Our five early years’ classes

  • Mini Musicians

Join us to become a mini musician! It’s not just about instruments, why not try a car horn, a bell, a door knock to make music with?

Let’s combine different styles of music and get musical as we encourage little ones to develop their musical abilities!

Bilingual teaching environments

  • Little Cheflets

Have you ever been to class, in a kitchen? Learn the names of fruit & veg, get counting, weigh your ingredients and improve numeracy in our cooking classes!


  • Messy Masters

In our Messy Masters class, let little ones explore the world of art, different artistic style, learn about artists of years gone by and try their hand at creating their own masterpieces! 

  • Make & Make Believe

Let little ones bring their dreams to life in this imagination-boosting class! One day we’re on the African savannah, then next we’re off to America, then it’s into the jungle exploring, and up next it’s time to do some wacky science experiments! In each class, we create another world, allowing little ones to experience and express their imaginations and get creative.

  • Bookworm Adventurers

Choose from a variety of story books as we go on an adventure! We split this class up according to a little ones age and encourage them to interact with storybooks, through games, developing motor skills and reading and writing ability.


 It’s Party Time!

We’ve been putting on parties for our families for nearly 15 years! We provide everything from the party set up and decorations, to party food, performers, games and photography, to give you the full party experience. Let little ones party dreams come true, we’ve got bubbles, and themes inspired by fairy tales and knights, princesses and pirates, to celebrate those special moments. We’ve become a hit with so many families, including Chen Xiaochun's son Jasper and Liang Qi's daughter Sofia!

As we continue to grow as a brand, we’ve been busy over the last year participating in some fantastic events such as Best of British, creating our own play, ‘Little Prince Bally’ and hosting an event in partnership with Lang Lang and the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra.

What will the world of Maggie & Rose have in store for you and your family here in Shanghai? Follow us to find out more and join the party!

Although our 3 news clubs in Mainland China are yet, you can still find out more about us and get a sneak peek of what’s in store! Just scan the QR code to book your spot at our two pop-ups, Moon Bay in Shanghai and Yin Tai in Hangzhou, we’ve got lots of together time lined up as well as some surprises!

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Yin Tai Club, Hangzhou


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