Go Home for the New Year and Happy Riding

By 2021-01-31 12:42:04

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After New Year's Day, the countdown to the Lunar New Year begins. When this hard and busy year is about to come to an end, Chinese people’s yearning for "home" becomes more and more eager. The simple four words "go home for the New Year" have become the warm expectation for countless people. It is happiness and promise of love.

The past year under the influence of the epidemic has made us understand that reunion is so precious, and the expression of love is more important and necessary than we thought. Young people not only enjoy the convenience and freedom by cycling in the city, and with the unique sense of security, they also discovered that if they can pass this safety and comfort choice to the most important relatives, not through the Internet or make a call, so that the people in love can feel their love.


To parents: silent care

To go home for the New Year Is a promise of love which accompany you daily and let the dull days shine

From childhood to adulthood, our parents gave us selfless love, enlightened cognition through ignorance, and cared for growth through wind and rain. But when we feel wronged, our parents are a warm harbor, and when we feel confused, they are a beacon to point the way. In one porridge and one meal, there may not be very exquisite ingredients, but it is full of love; one day and one night, there may not be a moving event, but it creates countless shining moments of childhood.

Later, we gradually grew up. In order to study and work, we left our hometown to live in a new city. Mom’s home cooking became a "taste bud memory" and the fun things played with dad became a good childhood memories. Parents always care about us. They are concerned about changes in weather and inquiries about daily life. Sometimes we can't respond well because we are too busy, but they always say "It's okay" and "It doesn't matter" for fear of causing us a little trouble.

Chinese New Year may be just a festival for us, but for them it is a year's expectation. In the process of running for life, working hard and striving for dreams, please don’t ignore their concerns. Go home for the New Year, spend some time, prepare a dinner with them and chat with them about life and work. Say some words about your achievements and worries, accompany them to go shopping to buy groceries, and go back to the old street and review the little fun things from the childhood.

Bring love home.

The love for parents can also be expressed like this:

Electra Global Limited Collection of Electric Bicycles Townie Path Go!

Which greatly enhances the fun of cycling life in practical applications

  • Aero-grade materials create a lightweight body
  • Equipped with German BOSCH motor to create high-end smart riding experience
  • 28km/h is like riding the wind, pleasant and comfortable without sweating
  • The display screen can realize functions such as charging mobile phones, making and making calls or providing route instructions at intersections


To Child: Companion to Growth

Go home for the new year

Is the call of happiness

Return to innocence

Accompany you to grow

New beautiful clothes, trendy toys, almost all parents will not spare anything to give their children, but later they find out that the fast-paced work and life sometimes make them to spare time to be with their kids. Time flies by accidentally flipping through the photo album. Before awareness, the child had grown up. Although being busy to create better conditions for their growth, inevitably that we don’t accompany them personally, to experience and witness the moments of growth.

No matter how rich we are, the most hopeful for children is the company of their parents. Go home for the New Year, integrate companionship into your daily life, read books together before going to bed, teach the truth in stories, and accompany them sleep with your voice; when you help to solve problems in learning and challenge with your kids, you will experience the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Or take him to run and ride in nature, play games, and cultivate courage and agility... Deeply participating in the child's growth process is also an opportunity for parents to grow by themselves.

Bring love home.

Love for children can also be expressed like this:

3-6 year old baby

STARSHIP 16 inch single speed

  • Hand-painted spaceship patterns to create an exciting look, and let children’s dreams of space exploration freely;
  • All-round creation of functional attributes, wide leather cushions to protect the little butt, anti-skid damping wheels, high-tension steel frame equipped with front and rear double brakes, ensuring safety in all details.

Children aged 6-10

SUN SHIMMER 16 inch single speed

  • The wide tires resolve the bumps and undulations on the road, and the wide seat cushion contains double cushioning springs, so you can enjoy the high-quality soft elastic feeling when riding all the way.
  • The front hand brake and the rear reverse brake double guarantee the safety and doubled. With detachable auxiliary wheels, the child can switch freely no matter what riding stage the child is in, and accompany the growth for a long time.


For myself: Vitality new year

Wade through the baptism of the 2020 special time

Vitality opens 2021

New year, love others

You must be good at loving yourself

In the unspeakable 2020, the environment is full of anxiety, tension, and hardship. What have you experienced? The taste may not be for outsiders, but you who have been baptized by this special time deserve a big praise for yourself, draw a summary number for the past year, and start a new year of vitality.

In the New Year, I hope you can treat yourself well. No matter how busy you are, you can eat and sleep well, instead of taking away three meals and always admiring the city at four in the morning, create a vacation for yourself at the right time, make time for a walk, relax in the nature, and ride in the city of life. Found some small surprises that are usually overlooked. When you enjoy more fun in life, you can face challenges in life in a better state.

Bring love home.

In the New Year, you can also love yourself like this:

AMSTERDAM ROYAL 8 speed within 28 inches (ice cream color)

Start a refined, elegant and comfortable cycling life, environmentally friendly and ecological travel.

  • Aerospace-grade material body combines the two attributes of "light" and "sturdy"
  • Anti-skid and shock-absorbing wheels are unique, HOLD live on various roads
  • Double reverse brake protection combined with front and rear roller brakes, safety UP
  • The cushion is soft and elastic

Home, carrying the love we can't give up, and giving us the most simple and sincere warmth. The Lunar New Year of the Ox is counting down, you can choose a special gift to convey the most sincere love and care, bring love home, and ride happily.


In order to better satisfy your expression of love, in order to help you deliver "love" in a more timely and convenient manner, ELECTRA will deliver this healthy and environmentally friendly "Year of the Ox gift" to your home. At the same time, the bikes are sent out after the adjustments are completed. Even if there is no craftsman at home, you can easily start your cycling life.

For regular customers who return to "home", ELECTRA Beijing store also has a gift. Users in Beijing who visit the store can enjoy a free winter maintenance package and carry out safety inspections to make the bike more comfortable and better over the winter. 


Free maintenance package in winter:

  • Whole bike screw safety inspection
  • Chain safety check
  • Brake wear inspection
  • Tire wear inspection
  • Transmission adjustment
  • Headset inspection and adjustment
  • Bottom axis inspection and adjustment
  • Wheel inspection and adjustment

Up to 6 customers per week

First appointment, first serve

You can make an appointment through the official account

Remember to take the opportunity

*For the safety inspection of bikes, labor costs are free, brake pads, brake cables, and transmission line consumables are free. If the warranty period expires, the replacement of other parts of the bike requires parts costs. The service process takes about 1-2 hours, and if there are special circumstances, it needs to be kept in the store for 3-7 days.


The ups and downs of 2020 have taught us to cherish and understand that life may be a bit unsatisfactory from time to time, but warmth and love can be created with heart. Saying goodbye to the past and looking forward to the future, I hope that we will still maintain love and sincerity to nature, life, and ourselves; we are also good at expressing and passing care and love correctly, so that people who care about can feel "love everywhere".





Found in 1993, in San-Diego, California, Electra remain true to its’ founding philosophy; combine creativity, innovation, design and attention to detail to build the best bikes possible. Electra founders believe, bikes have the power to add something special to everyday life.


Electra was awarded US patent #8136828 for inventing a completely new type of bike that provided an improved level of comfort and control. It was named Flat Foot Technology® and to this day provides an upright, relaxed riding position with proper leg extension that also lets you drop your feet flat on the ground without leaving the saddle.

First bike, where Flat Foot Technology was performed, was Townie bicycle, which from 2014 till this day hit top of the sales charts as a best-selling city bicycle in the US.

And Electra didn’t stop there. In 2013 Electra Townie Go!, went on to win Gear of the Year award from Outside Magazine as well as the Red Dot Award for e-bike of the year. In 2015, in the never-ending effort to bring the highest quality bikes to market, Electra updated the Townie Go! by partnering with Bosch.

In 2020 Electra are going even further, opening new store in the capital of China — Beijing.

We always seeking our ways to perfection. That is why, throughout all the benefits, for our clients in China we also happy to provide: free lifetime warranty on the bicycle frame and free lifetime technical service. Because «good» isn’t good enough for us. Join Electra Family. Because You Rock. Let’s Roll!




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