School Roundup: May

By Shanghai Family 2021-05-06 11:23:47

Here is a look at what our school have been up to in May!


SCIS ECE's 7th Annual Charity Art Auction

On Saturday, April 10th, SCIS’s Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) successfully ran the Seventh Annual SCIS ECE Heart to Heart Art Auction. A favourite amongst our parents, staff, and community members, the highly anticipated event offers an opportunity to support a charitable cause, as well as to celebrate art created by our very own early childhood students. After a one-year hiatus, the fundraiser was back and a huge success with over 70,000 RMB raised towards life-saving heart surgeries! Overall, the event collected enough funding for two life-saving heart surgeries for Chinese children in need.


Yew Chung International School

Our Service Learning programme aims to nurture YCIS Shanghai students as ‘Servant Leaders’, teaching them compassion and charitable service. Service Learning allows students to make a difference, become aware of global issues, and actively participate in ideas that can create change within their classroom, school, community, and beyond. We look forward to further integrating Service Learning in
our everyday school experiences and showing our students the long-lasting benefits of their actions for the wider community. Such learning will prepare them for a life of leading with a servant's heart, creating compassionate individuals who make tangible, positive changes in the world around them.


Concordia International School

In March, three musical events were held at Concordia that had the whole campus abuzz with the anticipation of spring. This year’s concerts were streamed live to parents and to extended family members who were able to tune in from around the world. The lively concerts got all viewers and participants ready for the energy of spring!


German School Shanghai

Every spring, German School Shanghai carries on its tradition of “China Day” in its Yangpu and Hongqiao campuses. Students celebrated with a Chinese fashion show; participated in yangko dance, Chinese Kungfu; crafted colorful clay parrot sculptures, wooden craft lanterns; and watched a shadow puppet show, and the theatre play of "The Journey to the West", one of the four most famous Chinese classic novels.


Dulwich Puxi

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi have been invited to attend the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in recognition of Year 11 student, Jemima, who received the High Achievement Award for IGCSE Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language. Jemima received the highest marks in Chinese mainland for this subject and is the sole recipient of the award across China. Congratulations!


Dulwich Pudong

Students become the coaches during Dulwich Pudong Sports Education in Action. Senior School students wrapped up their Sports Education Programme where students play the sports and also take the lead in running the teams. This innovative programme teaches students valuable lessons about responsibility, accountability, team spirit, and leadership.


Magnolia Kindergarten

Magnolia's 6th annual Book and Art Fair, in association with APM, provided a large collection of English, French, and Chinese books, bringing many readers together to buy or exchange books, socialise, and enjoy the many activities Magnolia has to offer. Books take over the imagination, allowing you to travel anywhere in the world, picture vivid characters and experience different lives. Magical!


Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School

On March 27, Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School (QD) hosted Mr. James Heller, Consul General for the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai. During the visit, Mr. Heller shared his thoughts on the benefits of US higher education and the value Chinese students bring to US campuses. Additionally, Mr. Heller attended the grade 12 students’ IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition. QD students beamed with pride in sharing the various themes of their work, ranging from gender equality and consumerism to segregation and environmental protection.


Keep up the great work!