A Sneak Peek Into The World of Maggie & Rose

By Shanghai Family 2021-05-18 13:17:13

London-based Maggie & Rose club have expanded in Shanghai. They gave a sample of club offerings at a showcase in Jing'an this weekend.

On the 16th of May, Maggie & Rose, the well-known family members’ club hailing from London and with clubs in Hong Kong, gave a sneak peek into the world of Maggie & Rose, showcasing a unique family offering for Shanghai. Held at 800 Show in Jingan, it was attended by guests from all walks of life. The brand was delighted in particular to be joined by famous movie star and queen of the stage, Ms. Carina Lau, who came to the event in person and watched the stage play ‘Little Prince Bally’, praising the performance and actors.


A variety of stars also joined, including Hong Xin and Cao Zhong, famous directors, Song Qingling family charity, and Teach for China, both of which do fantastic work. All the guests enjoyed the creative, family-friendly atmosphere which had been carefully designed by the Maggie & Rose teams. There was also a press conference covering a variety of topics, including the brand’s exciting development plans in China's Mainland and beyond.

As a family members’ club, it was important that the day was tailored to the children in attendance. At the event, children from Shanghai and Hangzhou watched the original family stage play, ‘Little Prince Bally’, which tells a fairytale story of Prince Bally’s adventure in order to save the goddess of spring. In the form of musical, children are taught courage, confidence, family affection, family and love, through the power of drama.

In order to bring the play to life, Maggie & Rose prepared every detail carefully, from the script to stage set, costumes and actors. All of the grown-up actors are from Maggie & Rose’s own team,while the child actors were members from the Maggie & Rose clubs. Under the guidance of professional directors, they rehearsed extensively, resulting in a professional performance. Maggie & Rose also live streamed the play for families to watch from around the world.


Little Prince Bally’ is a heart-warming story full of positivity, encouraging bravery and persistence, and the importance of helping one another. In a mysterious castle, the princess of spring was held captive by witches; locked up, everything outside withered and died. The little prince decides to rescue her, full of responsibility and expectation from the King and Queen and goes on a brave journey to find his sister. Finally, with the help of our superstar Oscar, the princess of spring is saved!

After 15 years of experience in opening and running family members’ clubs, Maggie & Rose’s community had the opportunity to listen to their club song for the first time, ‘Time to be Together’. The song mentions the brand's four characters, Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley, catchy lyrics, rhythm and family-friendly melody, arranged by British composers, who gave the song a British flavour. Children seem to fall in love with this song as soon as they hear it, and dance along with the music. The children danced with the four characters around the venue and sung along.

Maggie & Rose were delighted to work with Chris Renshaw and Mary Keith, well-known British composer and musician, who composed and put to music the very first Maggie & Rose club song.


Family Carnival

British creative early year’s classes is one of the highlights of the Maggie & Rose offering. After 15 years of experience building clubs in the UK and with 8 years of Maggie & Rose clubs running in Hong Kong, the early years’ curriculum, with an ethos of learning through play and the CREATE concept, have become much loved by families around the world, through varied, fun and creative classes.

The special preview event saw the brand’s four friends, Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley giving a sneak peek into the world of Maggie & Rose. With the family carnival, prepared with the little ones in mind, families had a chance to enjoy exciting British early years’ taster classes, and fun games and activities to get a sense of what Maggie & Rose offers members in clubs.

Maggie’s Arty Party

A signature party, little ones got creative, imaginative and arty as they became messy masters in this art-themed activity.

Messy Masters Art

For 18 months- 6 year olds

With an ever-changing array of fun and interesting topics, inspired by world culture, animals, numbers, art, history, the seasons, and society, we’ve created one of our favourite classes, Messy Masters! In this art class, we cater to the different needs of each little one, to encourage their own individuality and creativity, at their own pace. This class can help little ones in their ability to perceive, express themselves and understand their own abilities, through their artistic creations, as well as vision, touch and sound.

Rose’s Afternoon Tea Room

Inspired by the brand’s ‘Little Cheflets’ classes, children made cakes and decorated them; cooking is an important part of the brand’s curriculum where children can understand food and where it comes from in a fun and educational way.

Little Cheflets

For 1-6 year olds

In our Little Cheflets class, we discover the joy of food, with over one hundred different dishes covered over the course of the curriculum, including both Chinese and Western dishes. Little ones will start to understand the world around them, experience different social customs and cultures, broaden their horizons. Through creative, hands-on cooking activities, we encourage our little cheflets to gain a wider understanding of the global world, learn table manners, respect for food and to know more about where our food comes from.

Oscar’s Rock & Roll Studio

In this pop-up taster club, children fall in love with music. At the music studio, there were a variety of musical instruments to try, for mini musicians to get musical and creative with sound, with the help of the teachers.

Mini Musicians

For 0-4 year olds

In our Mini Musicians class, little ones will learn about musical styles and instruments from all around the world and gain an appreciation for different melodies and rhythms. As they get musical, they’ll learn to listen, identify voices, learn to play different instruments, and will begin to use music creatively to express themselves. Music will encourage little ones to get creative, boosting their independence and sense of discovery, and building self-confidence.

Bentley’s Green-fingered Garden

Inspired by going green, children become little eco warriors and learn all about protecting the planet. The brand’s character, Bentley invited children into a green-fingered gardening class and to learn more about how to play our part in the world, as little global citizens. Children learnt all about flora and fauna in this class.

Make & Make Believe

For 2-6 year olds

Bring little ones’ dreams to life in our signature Make & Make Believe class, as we explore our imaginations! In this class, little ones can be anything they like, as our activities develop 'perception' through play, essential for developing empathy and emotional skills.

Charity and social responsibility have always been core values at Maggie & Rose. At the brand’s event, Maggie & Rose set up a charity market area selling traditional British snacks and refreshments, including home-made biscuits. The brand was supported by various partners including BE Education, Motherswork, Lego, Walkers, Steiff, Playmobil, Weetabix, Silver Cross and Saint Bella. All proceeds went to Teach for China and The Little Hands, Big Love Art Alliance. All funds raised were used to help alleviate children's poverty, improve education offerings and family life. In terms of social mobility and mental health, Maggie & Rose is passionate on these projects and continues to find ways to give back to society wherever possible.

In the future, Maggie & Rose is confident about providing more opportunities and spaces for families to spend time together. In 2021, Maggie & Rose is expanding from one clubhouse to five in the market, with sites in view in southern and central China as well as internationally. Globally, there are likely to be plans for further brand expansion in Singapore, Europe and America, to make the brand available to families around the world.

The brand’s event on the 16th of May was a milestone for Maggie & Rose, with an emphasis on families spending quality time together, whether learning through play, getting creative or enjoying family-friendly spaces together. Maggie & Rose will use this occasion as a chance to spread the brand’s values and ethos and encourage more families to join its global community.