Wonder Woman: Natacha Audoye-Tarascon of Doucéa

By Anabela Mok 2021-06-15 17:02:18

Mum of three Natacha, puts her demo-cosmetic background toward creating a sustainable skincare line just for children.

My name is Natacha, I am originally from southern France and am the creator of Doucéa. Doucéa is a young company providing natural skincare products to kids, co-created with them in mind. The skincare line is designed to combine the highest scientific standards in the derma-cosmetic industry for parents, and with a design appeal for children.


How was Doucéa born?

Firstly, as a family of five people our bathroom becomes cluttered with many products. There were countless bottles, packaging. One day as an experiment I took all our products, and it filled an entire bathtub. At the same time, my youngest child has eczema and the cremes we bought from France have a sterile and medicinal design, which can be quite unapproachable for a young child to want to use. While teaching a marketing course at a business school, we conducted a marketing exercise where we had to create a product with a socio-economic concept. Taking inspiration from my real-life situation, I was inspired to create Doucéa.

I wanted a product that is friendly to the environment and packaged so children want to use the product. After all, we want our children to adopt a skincare routine and be able to apply products on themselves. 

However, a major part of the brand is how we give back to society. With that in mind, the product is refillable, and we give back to society by financing and sending hygiene kits to underprivileged kids in China. 


What’s your advice for working mums who are trying to maintain a work and life balance?

With raising three kids aged 8, 6 and 5 it is important to create time for family. Just as it is important for me to socialise with our friends because people inspire my work. I enjoy meeting customers and hearing their feedback when they use my products, and sometimes they inspire me to develop new products. 

Of course, these are just two aspects that I want to fulfil in addition to my career. Do I miss doing other things? For sure, going to art shows and dancing. As well as watching T.V. Not saying I do not do these on occasion, but the idea is to find out what I want and focus on that. 


How do you stay inspired to innovate?

Customer feedback is my biggest inspiration and motivation to build the brand. For example, when we started selling our child friendly nail polish the positive feedback from mums were tremendous. We were getting questions from mums wanting to know if we had other beauty products for little girls, such as child friendly makeup. Because of the overwhelming requests, we began developing prototypes and very soon we will be selling makeup kits for kids, which are made from non-toxic ingredients which are also gentle on their skin and easy to remove.


What is your proudest moment?

Within two weeks of launching, we had a client that wanted to repeat order. To make one purchase is already a good step, but for a person to buy it again it means people are beginning to feel loyalty to the brand. Many of our customers grew to be our brand ambassadors. They take amazing photos of our product and provide great testimonials on their social media. Some people would say, “hey, I saw the post of your product from my friend”, so we know our product is being loved by our customers. 


“You need to pick what is important in your life and stick to it.”