Teen Tales: Celebrating Fathers

By Tasha Williams 2022-06-24 13:15:45

In our formative years, our father figure is the most influential man in our lives. What defines a father? Fathers are parents, protectors, and role models to their children. My dad is one of the most important people in my life. Father’s Day is a day to thank my dad for all he’s given me. He’s given me genetic traits like my eyes and nose, but he’s also given me his sense of humor, sharp tongue, and quick wit. What has shaped me as a person are the values, memories, and love that he continually passes on to me.

My family is a well-oiled machine, and we each play our part for the machine to work well. We all have a similar purpose, and we all inhabit the same space, but we also have different jobs and responsibilities. Both my parents are making a monumental difference in my life, but their roles in my life are very different. My dad has taught me to appreciate and think deeper about things. He exposes me to classics and books that he enjoyed at my age. We bond over these and discuss them, and he encourages me to broaden my horizons. Naturally, my father is imperfect, but he uses his imperfections and experience to teach me right and wrong, which helps shape me into a competent human being. Without him, I would not be the person I am today.

During the lockdown, my father and I could not do the things we normally did. We couldn’t go out for bubble tea, explore museums, or go on long walks. Instead, we came up with new ways to spend time together. We found Netflix shows we both enjoyed to binge, and we played badminton together in our compound driveway.

My relationship with my father, like everyone else’s, is special and unique. Take me and my brother as an example. Although we share the same dad, both my brother and I have different memories and relationships with our dad. My dad and I enjoy going to art museums together, whereas my brother chooses to spend time with him doing different things. 

Celebrate Father’s Day and show appreciation by spending quality time with your father. Find a special activity that you can do together. Out of everyone in my family, only my dad and I enjoy playing badminton, so that’s how we choose to spend time together. Seek out something that you can call your own.