25 Parks In & Around Town to Celebrate Summer

By Anabela Mok 2022-07-04 13:19:02

What better way to celebrate the gorgeous weather than enjoying a day with nature? Here are some of our favorite parks in and around the city that you can easily spend an afternoon, have a picnic or go on a day trip.

Note: Please pay attention to the area the park to check for COVID restrictions as these will change depending on the situation. 


For Sites & Greenery

Jing'an Sculpture Park

Jing'an Sculpture Park is a cultural escape filled with lush green spaces. Art meets the outdoors, where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll whilst taking in some beautiful sculptures. It's near the Shanghai Natural History Museum. If you are in the mood to grab a cafe, walk towards the red bamboo sculptures and there is a cafe right in the park.

Location: 128 Shimen Er Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu

Hours: Daily, 5am-9pm 


Huashan Children's Park

This park is central and quite large, a lovely blessing of green, almost like a hideaway from the busy streets. There’s a nice wooden walkway that loops in and around the park, going over a cute little rocky pond, across a mahjong-only balcony, a bamboo forest and lots of greenery! 

Address: 1575 Huashan road, near Pingwu road


Suzhou He Meng Qing Yuan Environmental Park

Completed in 2004 as a result of the Suzhou Creek Rehabilitation project, the park is 8.6 square hectares with 84% of the surface area green coverage. With access to the creek possible by pathways, it makes for a relaxing stroll by the park.

This park is peaceful and away from traffic. Great to stroller around, but it does lack a comprehensive playground.

Address: Putuo District, 66 Yi Chang Lu 


Xujiahui Park

In the heart of bustling Xujiahui is Xujiahui Park. With plenty of green and man-made lakes, you can even see the famous black swans, take your child and hit the playground. Although you cannot picnic on the grass, it is a great way to enjoy an afternoon in one of the major landmarks in town. 

Address: 889 Zhaojiabang Lu


Yanzhong Guangchang Park 

Located at the corner of Chengdu Lu and Dagu Lu, this park stretches south towards Ya'an Lu and features long stretches of blossoming trees and quiet green spaces. Formally known as Yan'an Zhong Lu Large Public Green Space, this is a great spot to go for a stroller ride and engage your toddler into enjoying the greenery. As appealing as the lawn may look, you cannot do picnics as there are signs within the park that clearly states no sitting on the grass.

Address: 391 Dagu Lu


For Picnicking

Xuhui Riverside Park

On the West Bund, you will see Xuhui Riverside Park. This is a popular spot by the Long Museum. If you want a picnic with a view, this is your spot. You are allowed to sit on the grass, and if you need there are also some coffee shops nearby if you suddenly decide the sun is too much to handle—or if you need to use the bathroom.

Hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours open

Address: Junction of Longteng Avenue and Dong'an Lu

Traffic: Metro 12, Middle Longhua Lu, Exit 1,5,6

Entrance: free


Binjiang Forest Park 

Binjiang Park is filled with wide sprawling fields ready for picnics, and gorgeous flora and fauna. A lovely park worth visiting on a summer day.

Address: Gaoqiao Zhen, Lingqiao, Gaoshatan No.3, Pudong District

Hours: Daily, 8am-4:30pm
Entry Fee: 20 RMB


Zhong Shan Park

Right in the CBD area of Changing district near Cloud 9 department store, you will see the sprawling greens of Zhongshan park. You are allowed on the grass unless the lawn is being maintained.

Hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours open

Address: 780 Changning Lu (near Dingxi Lu)

Traffic: Metro 2/3/4, Zhongshan Park, Exit 4

Entrance: free


Fuxing Park

Fuxing park has many gardens, benches, statues and alluring floral arrangements. Great for a day out with the family. It is one of the earliest parks in Shanghai. You will see plenty of people here throughout the day doing exercises and there is even a green area for picnicking.

Location: 516 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu

Hours: 6am-6pm Daily

Entry Fee: 2 RMB


Chang Feng Park

Hit up Chang Feng Park, also in Changning District if you would like a quick and free getaway to enjoy the grassy lawns. But a day here doesn’t just mean a picnic you can also check out Ocean World inside (120 RMB per child, 180 RMBper adult; 2 adults & 1 child 510 RMB)

Hours: Mon-Sun 6:00-21:00

Address: 525, Zaoyang Lu

Entrance: Free entry 

Traffic: Metro 13, Daduhe Lu, Exit 1


Luxun Park

In Hongkou district near the Hongkou Football Stadium you can find Luxun Park. You are allowed to sit on the lawn, however it is currently being maintained so you will have to wait. 

Hours Summer: 5pm to 9pm, Winter: 6am-7pm

Address: 2288, North Sichuan Lu (near Hongkou Football Stadium)

Traffic: Metro 3/8 Hongkou Football Stadium, Exit 1

Entrance: free


Longhua Park

Just near the martyr’s museum, Longhua Park is peacefully snuggled in the heart of Xuhui area. Although it is near some pretty busy intersection, you can barely hear the noise inside. With greenery and flowing rivers plus hanging willow trees, this is an escape only you can imagine.

Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00-17:30

Address: 180 West Longhua Lu

Entrance: free

Museum: Mon-Sun 9:00-16:00

Traffic: Metro 11/12, Longhua, Exit 2/4


Century Park

For the mommies who live out in Pudong, you can also consider Century Park as one of your picnic options. Especially if you want to enjoy the lake view, there is plenty of open green space that can get you that.

Address: 1001 Ying Chun Lu

Hours: Daily, 7am to 6pm


Tianshan Park

Tianshan park with their green lawn is very welcoming for a picnic. Although very near the metro lines, the noise is not disruptive. Yet, it doesn’t mean you cannot hear the passing subway trains either.

Address: 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu near Kaixuan Lu


New Hongqiao Park

Located in Changning district, this park is very peaceful and relaxing with lots of open greenery. You can take the metro line 10 until Yili Lu station. You can pitch a tent, lie on the grass.

Address: 2238 Yan'an Xi Lu


Daning Park

Daning Park has a lot to offer, from Instragram worthy sculptures, a human made beach and lake, lots of green spaces, fake windmills, tulip gardens and other pretty flowers. It's definately a photographers dream and a fun place to spend the day with family and friends.

Address: 288 Guangzhong Xi Lu, near Wanrong Lu

Hours: 5am-7pm

Entry Fee: 2 RMB


Day Tripping

Gongqing Forest Park 

Gongqing Park is a beautiful collection of rivers, trees, and floral arrangements. A breathtaking place to take a calming walk, play with the kids, or have a barbeque with some close friends and family. 

Address: 2000 Jungong Rd, Yangpu District

Entry Fee: 15 RMB


Gucun Park 

Gu Village Park is a pleasant, open-air barbecue space.  You can bring your food here and barbecue utensils are provided. The lovely blossoms make for a fantastic view. 

Address: 4788 Hutai Lu, Baoshan District
Hours: 6:00am-6:00pm Daily
Entry Fee: 20 RMB


Dongping National Forest Park 

This is an enormous barbecue camping spot, large enough for over 1,000 people to enjoy barbecues and for 500 to have fun camping nights. Each year in May and October the area hosts an awesome 'Forest Musical Barbecue & Camping Festival'. Definitely a Park worth a visit.

Address: 2188 Beiyan Lu, Chongming xian

Hours: 8am-4pm Daily

Entry Fee: 70 RMB


Oriental Land 

Lush green grass, a quiet space, great for solitary walks or playful dates with your loved one.

Address: 6888 Qingping Lu, Qingpu District

Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Daily

Entry Fee: 50 RMB


Yuehu Sculpture Park

YueHu Scultpure Park is a mid-sized park perfect for a fun day to have a BBQ with friends. It's also pet-friendly, so bring your doggies!

Address: 1158 Linyin New Lu

Hours: 9am-6pm Daily
Entry Fee: 50-120 RMB  


Sheshan National Forest Park

Sheshan National Forest Park is a wide mountainous area, great for hikes and long walks, with an amazing view. 

Address: 9142 Waiqingsong Lu, Songjiang District 
Hours: 8am-5pm Daily
Entry Fee: 8-12 RMB 


Dishui Lake

Dishui Lake is artificial but still beautiful due to its remoteness. It’s well-equipped with a beach, pavilions and picnic areas. There are leisure and health clubs nearby as well. Not many visitors, but great views and fresh air. 

Address: Huanhu Xiyi Lu, Nanhui New Town

Tel: 021-68283232


Dianshan Lake

Dianshan Lake is stunningly beautiful and has more than enough fresh air to get your mind right. There is an entire road dedicated to barbecue along the coast. The area also allows you to fish.

Address: Jinshang Lu, Qingpu District

Tel: 021-59240208


What are your favorite lush green spots to enjoy the beautiful weather?