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This is one of the largest private museums in China, with its sister being the Long Museum in Pudong. Both house a collection put together over the past 20 years by "super collectors" Liu Yiqian and his wife Wang Wei, who, in 2012, became the first Chinese mainlanders to be included in the ART news 200 Top Collectors list. Their collection boasts close to 300 pieces by over 200 artists. Both museums are dedicated not just to showcasing their private collections, but also to large-scale art exhibitions, research, and public education.


The main gallery space consists of a unique umbrella-vaulted structure of four floors. The basement features a permanent exhibit of precious ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks throughout Chinese history, while the first and second floors are dedicated to contemporary art from a variety of mediums including sculptures, paintings, installations, and new media. The museum includes a river-view restaurant, a concert hall, an exhibition hall for children, a library, and additional spaces designed to enable more public involvement and interaction.


ADDRESS: 3398 Longteng Avenue

TEL: 021 6877 8787