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If the ancient arts are more your thing, head to the Shanghai Museum in People's Square. This museum is divided into ten sections: ancient Chinese bronzes, sculpture, ceramics, jades, seals, calligraphy, coin and currency, paintings, Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture and crafts of China's national minorities. The ambience is one of hushed reverence, as the space houses many pieces that are significant to China’s cultural heritage. Thus for their protection, many of the artworks on display are in darkened rooms, with display cases that light up only when visitors stand in front of them to rather dramatic effect.


The scale and quality of the collection is what make it one of the most famous in China: 120,000 pieces along with a library storing approximately 200,000 volumes. The museum also puts on special exhibitions and lectures from time to time. Admission is free, so there’s no need to stroll around the place for hours until you feel like you got your money’s worth. Audio guides are available for a fee.


ADDRESS: 201 Renmin Avenue

TEL: 021 6372 3500