As director Ling Ling says, “We’re first and foremost a musical theater center.” The grand 65,000 sqm space, which can hold over 2,000 people, focuses on bringing Broadway to China as both translated Western favorites and homegrown productions. Though SCS originally planned to show nothing but musicals, they now have a program of about 50 percent musicals and 50 percent jazz and popular concerts. Notable showings have included Ghost the Musical and Swan Lake on Ice.


The space itself is expansive, and its exterior, designed by Richard Blinder, evokes a "phoenix spreading its wings." Yet what really shines is SCS’s interior features, which include a naturally lit lobby, artist Ding Shaoguang’s massive LED-lit rainforest painting, rain/flood technology, and the country’s only large-scale ice-making machine. Though the Chinese musical theater scene is still rather nascent, programming manager Richard Fei remains hopeful: "Broadway has had 100 years, we’ve had less than 10.


ADDRESS: 597 Fuxing Zhong Road

TEL: 021 5461 9961