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Built in 1931 as a Buddhist temple, the space was reborn as a burlesque theatre known as Chinatown. After closing its doors for several years, it reopened in 2013 with renewed energy as The Pearl, a venue that brings luxury and history to the world of musical performances, cabaret, burlesque, comedy, theatre, dance and more. This gem of a space has all the bells and whistles of an old Art Deco theatre, with both galleries and boxes, that combines new and old-fashioned beauty.


The Pearl keeps its doors open with a healthy lineup of regular burlesque and local theatre performances, jazz and tribute concerts, designer markets and magic shows that make use of Shanghai's locally-based talent. Located a bit off the beaten path in Hongkou District, this theatre may also introduce you to some local bites along the same street. The venue can also be rented out for private parties and corporate events.


ADDRESS: 471 Zhapu Road

TEL: 137 6488 9962