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Since opening in 1998, the Shanghai Grand Theatre has presented over 6,000 different performances of ballet, opera, theatre, Peking Opera, orchestral music and more. Located within People's Square, the exterior’s distinct architectural style was designed by the French architectural company ARTE Charpentier.


The 10-story structure houses three different theatres that can hold nearly 4,000 people in total: the Lyric Theatre with a capacity of 1,800, the 600-seat Drama Theatre and the Studio Theatre's 300 seats. The French-style Lyric Theatre is renowned for having one of the biggest and most versatile automatic stages in the world: it boasts a main stage, rear stage and left and right wings that can all be transformed, lifted, sloped and rotated, complemented by the highest quality acoustic and lighting systems.


The Lyric has seen many distinguished troupes passing through its doors, such as the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic.


ADDRESS: 300 Renmin Avenue

TEL: 021 6386 8686