Designed by French architect Paul Andreu and the Huadong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., this seven-level, 40,000 sqm lotus-shaped building is one of the best known performance centres in China. The ambitious design merges aesthetics with functionality, with a façade made up mostly of laminated glass and perforated metal sheets. Five hemispherical halls, or "petals," interconnect to form the shape of a butterfly from above.


Each of these petals is marked by a particular coloured pebble hanging from the walls that each denote the Entrance Hall, Performance Hall, Concert Hall, Exhibitions Hall and Opera Hall. There are also plenty of public facilities inside such as an arts library, music shops, restaurants and a multimedia centre. Officially opened at the end of 2004, past highlights include the Berlin Philharmonic. Other weekly attractions are the Classical Shanghai Nights and Weekend Jazz Salon, and the Oriental Charm Concert every two weeks.


ADDRESS: 425 Dingxiang Road

TEL: 021 6854 1234